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Special Events

Every year in the second week of April, people from Burma celebrate New Years Day, by drenching water on each other wishing to cool them down and cleaning them before moving forward to the coming New Year (April is the extremely humid in Burma). TBSN sponsors arrangement to celebrate New Year the same as in Burma but we mostly celebrate in June or July according to Minnesota weather favorability. TBSN rents a park to celebrate New Year with various food, dancing, music, singing songs and other amusements to entertain the visitors while drenching water on each other during the event. TBSN collects money from all supporters and members for this event and all contributes their volunteer service to make this event happen.
Buddha Day(May)
It is the significant day for all Buddhists around the world. Buddha Day falls on the first week of May mostly. On that day Prince Siddhartha Gotama (the Buddha to be) was born in the district of Nepal, northern part of India in BCE May 623 on Full moon day. He entered the Buddha hood (Bodhi) in Full moon day of BCE 588. (Bodhi is meant an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection.) His wisdom eyes were opened and became enlightened.) Buddha passed away at the age of 80 in Sala Glove near Kusinara of Malla State, in what is now Uttar Pradesh in India in the full moon day of BCE 543. These occurrences were on the same day and month in His life time.
All enthusiastic Buddhists around the world celebrate on that Kasson full moon day as Buddha day. They go to the Pagoda, temple, monasteries, and perform various Kusala
(Good deed, merit) such as donating, keeping 5 to 8 precepts, listening Dhamma talks from Monks, giving food to poor, etc. On that day, all Buddhist and TBSN members gathering at monastery listing Dhamma talk, keeping precepts, giving food donating money to monks and monastery with pure voluntarily volition. TBSN board members sponsor and arrange for that activity each year sending invitation, advertising in local news paper (Asian American Press), collecting donation money from visitors, and so on. It is mostly an all day events.
Each year Buddhist monks enter their 3-months lent (from July to September) called “Warso” (Vissa) it means monks have to stay at a meditation retreat during these months without traveling anywhere. Devotees offer robe to monks before they enter Warso in July. TBSN celebrates Warso by offering robe to the monk in July at the monastery this Warso robe offering celebration is sponsored and hosted by TBSN.
Thedinkyut (Lightening festival) also known as Abhidhamma Day(October)
Abhidhamma is a philosophical exposition of the Dhamma, higher doctrine, Buddhist philosophy, metaphysics, systematic analyses of the main points of the Buddha’s teachings; name of the Third Pitaka (basket) of the Buddhist Doctrine, dealing with the true and ultimate nature of things. Buddha preached the Abhidhamma to His late mother who became extraterrestrial being at Tusita, celestial abode 7 days after she gave his birth.
Buddha’s omnipresent descended from Tusita celestial on the full moon day of Thedinkyut; fall on the middle of October. Buddhists around the world welcome back Buddha and honor his highest level of knowledge by lighting around their houses and doing merits in Pagoda, Temples and monasteries. TBSN sponsors Abhidhamma Day by giving Dhamma talks to disciples, reciting Dhamma Pathana (cause and effect of nature) at monastery.
Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony(November)
Kathina means the ceremony of robes- offering, following the end of the Warso (Vassa).
This is a significant day for the Buddhists. It is mostly fall on November according to Burmese calendar. On that only day, Buddhist waving the robe on the hand made waving machine within 24 hours and offer the robe within the same day to at least five monks with other donation such as money, umbrella, pair of slippers, bowl, medicine and others to the monks. TBSN celebrates Kathina robe offering ceremony using readymade robe and invited another monks from other States in order to have at least 5 monks. Sponsored and invited by TBSN members. The expenditure of this ceremony, like air fair for the monks, robe, food and a single or collective Padesabin (decorated stand with money and other stuffs on it) coming from members of TBSN and other donors. This ceremony also based on the collective donations and volunteers services.
Burmese Food Fair (Fund raising event)
This is the TBSN fund raising event started in September, 2007 last year in twin cities. We are planning to carry out the same fund raising events at least 3 occasions year round.

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