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Who is Who?


Ashin Nayakalankara, abott, full-time resident of Sitagu Buddhadhamma Vihara. Born in Burma, has been living in America since ?.

Bhikkhu Cintita, spends part of each year at Sitagu Buddhadhamma Vihara. Born in San Francisco in 1949, he discovered Buddhism in his forties, lived at Tassajara Zen monastery in California 2002-2003, ordained as a Zen priest in 2003, and ordained in Burma, where he lived for over a year, as a Theravada bhikkhu in 2009. His primary interest is in the development of American Buddhism along traditional lines, with a strong monastic Sangha, and sees his primary role as an interpreter of that tradition for the aquisitive, scientific and rational Western culture. He has posted many writings at his Web site Through the Looking Glass.

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