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Chisago City Buddhist Meetup

May 10, 2016

Ashin Cintita, will be returning to the Buddha Dhamma Vihara from Austin, Texas on June 2 and will be here until July 18. I will conduct a weekend class for kids, like I did last year, and help negotiate with the city and with contractors about construction projects. I also hope to focus on my contribution to Sitagu Sayadaw’s biography, a cooperative endeavor that U Aung Koe has also been involved in. I also have a plan for attracting more local people to participate in activities at the Vihara.

I have started a Meetup group called Chisago City Buddhist Meetup, which can be found on-line HERE. I have a similar Meetup group in Austin which has been very effective in attracting English-speaking people to classes and meditations there; in fact the Austin group has 492 on-line members. So far the Chisago City group has 2 members, including me. Please sign up if you would like to received our announcements. I have scheduled an organizational meeting at the Vihara for Sat. June 4, 4pm.


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